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The working group continues to work to identify currently used definitions, acronyms and classifications related to BMA. Through their previous work, this WG has established  uniform descriptions and definitions for the diverse BMA nomenclature, and has published guidelines to provide a basis for consistent, global use of these terms in future. The goal is now to encourage the growing BMA research community to incorporate these nomenclature guidelines in their research.


  • Will Cawthorn
  • Nathalie Bravenboer
  • Miriam Bredella
  • Christophe Chauveau
  • Alessandro Corsi
  • Eleni Douni
  • Mara Riminucci
  • Pamela Robey
  • Shanti Rojas-Sutterlin
  • Cliff Rosen
  • Tim Schulz
  • William Ferris


The working group will identify currently used definitions, acronyms and classifications related to BMA. These will be discussed with the aim to come up with uniform descriptions after which the working group draft file will be finalized and published, providing a basis for consistent, global use of these terms in future. If approved, the draft file can be finalized and published to guarantee future use of these terms globally.

Issues related to nomenclature

  • Examples of currently used names that should be discussed include the acronyms BMA (Bone Marrow Adiposity), MAT (Marrow Adipose Tissue), BMAT (Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue), and MSC (Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell) vs SSC (Skeletal Stem Cell).BMA/MAT/BMAT and MSC vs SSC.
  • Describe the etiology of the currently used definitions/acronyms/classification
  • Provide arguments for the newly proposed nomenclature
  • Identify optional repositories to submit the new nomenclature

Update: BMAS Nomenclature paper is now published!