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This all started in Lille, France in 2015, when the first International Meeting on Bone Marrow Adiposity (BMA2015) was held. The meeting was a great success and led to a second international meeting (BMA2016) in August 2016 held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Both meetings were a success in that they for the first time brought together scientists and physicians from different backgrounds (bone metabolism, cancer, obesity and diabetes) to share ideas and advance research into, and our understanding of, the patho/physiological role of adipocytes in the bone marrow.

This success led to a network of researchers discussing the formation of a new society, focusing on bone marrow adiposity. This network worked together in 2016-2017 to lay the foundations for this society, which was then discussed further during the third international meeting held in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2017 (BMA2017). The statues were then signed at the fourth international meeting, held in 2018 again in Lille (BMA2018)

Lille,France 2018

Our BMAS Founders team

Will Cawthorn

Edinburgh, UK

Christophe Chauveau

Boulogne/Mer, France

Eleni Douni

Athens, Greece

Claire Edwards

Oxford, UK

Pierre Hardouin

Boulogne/Mer, France

Olaia Naveiras

Lausanne, Switzerland

Guillaume Penel

Lille, France

Jeroen van de Peppel

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Antonella Poloni

Ancona, Itay

Bram van der Eerden

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Mara Riminucci

Rome, Italy