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Chairs: Peter Bisschop and Julien Paccou

The main goal of this Working Group is to exchange about patient-oriented research (POR) which is a specific type of clinical translational research where the patient is the focus of the investigation.

Besides, the WG organizes clinical translational research including observational, mechanistic, and therapeutic studies as well as clinical trials.



1-Julien Paccou (FR)

2- Peter Bisschop (NL)

3- Kerensa Beekman (NL)

4- Michaela Tencerov√°(CZ)

5-Alessandro Corsi (I)

6-Gustavo Duque (CA)

7-Jeroen Geurts (CH)

Working Group Publications

Review on Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue and Osteoporosis in Current Osteoporosis Reports (download)