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Welcome to the Bone Marrow Adiposity Society (BMAS)

The international Bone Marrow Adiposity Society (BMAS) is the premier research society focusing on the role of bone marrow adipose tissue in health and disease. We aim to promote excellence in bone marrow adiposity research at an international scale by providing learning and networking opportunities to basic, translational and clinical researchers in this young and dynamic field.


Amongst its main activities, BMAS is hosting bi-annual international BMA research meetings and an outstanding virtual Summer School for our future leaders in the field. After the successful 7th iteration of the BMA meeting 2022 in Athens (Greece), the Next Generation committee is setting up the stage for an exciting three-day virtual Summer School taking place 4-6 September 2023.  


Within several thematic Working Groups BMAS members are engaged all year round in collaborative initiatives aimed at advancing global research on bone marrow adiposity and bone marrow adipose tissue. In recent years, our working groups have published several consensus papers, guidelines and reviews on standardized nomenclature, research methodologies, biobanking and the emerging role of bone marrow adiposity in skeletal disorders


We encourage you to join BMAS if you are passionate like us about bone marrow adiposity! 

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