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Establish use of standardized protocols for the collection and storage of materials related to BMA


  • Bram van der Eerden
  • Stephanie Lucas
  • Michaela Tencerova
  • Michaela R. Reagan
  • Olaia Naveiras
  • Camille Attane
  • Will Cawthorn
  • Izabela Podgorski
  • Kaisa Ivaska
  • Friederike Behler-Janbeck
  • Thomas Levin Andersen


The working group will identify currently used collection procedures related to BMA. These will be discussed with the aim to come up with standardized protocols after which the working group writes a draft file on how to collect, store and future use materials related to BMA that will be sent around to the BMAS EB, SB and GA members for additional feedback. If approved, the draft file can be finalized and published to guarantee future use of standardized ways to collect and store tissues related to BMA globally.

Issues related to biobank (to be completed by members):

  • Define what types of material can be collected (bone marrow aspirates, biopsies, specific cell types, bone marrow serum, serum, etc.)
  • Assess the potential differences in¬†ethical guidelines¬†between countries and whether these can be dealt with and generalized for the samples-to-be-collected
  • Assess the issues related to¬†data protection¬†and develop a protocol to ensure that patient data obtained by any laboratory, and that is not relevant to the research question, cannot be traced back by other labs.

Update: Biobanking paper is now published!

Check it out here