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Travel awards - 250€
Travel award winners:
Charles Bataclan
Andrea Benova
Souad Daamouch
Ronja Ojala
Rita Sarkis
Presentation/abstract awards - 300€


Applications can only be made during the online abstract submission process.
In the abstract submission form, tick on the appropriate award you are applying for make sure that the name of the presenting author matches with the name of the applicant
Upload during the abstract submission a proof of eligibility: a letter signed by the head of the department on the department’s letterhead confirming that you meet the eligibility criteria (see below).
Eligibility criteria: PhD student or post-doc, not older than 35 years of age and/or within 5 years from PhD). In case you receive an award and are eligible for a registration discount (attendee of BMA2021 summer school), the discount will be subtracted from the award money.