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Paper of the Month

Paper of the Month: May 2020

Human Bone Marrow Is Comprised of Adipocytes with Specific Lipid Metabolism.

Camille Attané, David Estève, Karima Chaoui, Jason S.Iacovoni, Jill Corre, Mohamed Moutahir, Philippe Valet, Odile Schiltz, Nicolas Reina,  Catherine Muller

Cell Reports. 2020 Jan 28;30(4):949-958. doi:

Under caloric restriction, bone marrow adipocytes (BM-Ads) do not decrease in size compared to white adipocytes, suggesting they harbor unique metabolic properties. We compare human primary BM-Ads with paired subcutaneous adipocytes (SC-Ads) using proteomic and lipidomic approaches. We find that, although SC-Ads and BM-Ads share similar morphological features, they possess distinct lipid metabolism. Although BM-Ad shows enrichment in proteins involved in cholesterol metabolism, correlating with increased free cholesterol content, proteins involved in lipolysis were downregulated. In particular, monoacylglycerol lipase expression is strongly reduced in BM-Ads, leading to monoacylglycerol accumulation. Consequently, basal and induced lipolytic responses are absent in BM-Ads, affirming their differences in metabolic fitness upon caloric restriction. These specific metabolic features are not recapitulated in vitro using common protocols to differentiate bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. Thus, contrary to classical SC-Ads, BM-Ads display a specific lipid metabolism, as they are devoid of lipolytic activity and exhibit a cholesterol-orientated metabolism.

Paper proposed by Annegreet Veldhuis-Vlug