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The Next Generation BMAS Committee aims at promoting the education and training of early-stage investigators (basic researchers and clinician scientists) in the bone marrow adiposity field. One of the Next Generation BMAS Committee’s goals is to offer a summer program to young BMAS members – The BMAS Summer School – with the goal of bringing together young researchers and clinicians. Specifically, the Next Generation BMAS Committee and the BMAS.


1) Xiao Zhang
2) Tânia Amorim
3) Ahmed Al Saedi
4) Rossella Labella
5) Rita Sarkis
6) Sarah Little
7) Andrea Benova
8) Drenka Trivanovic
9) Biagio Palmisano (coordinator)
10) Viktorjia Avilkina
11) Michele Dello Spedale Venti

Mission and Tasks

1) Bring together young researchers and clinicians.

2) Promote general knowledge on bone marrow adipose tissue.

3) Provide training to early-stage investigators on career development.

4) Create networking opportunities with experts, established investigators and early-stage investigators to foster collaboration in the BMAT field.