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Executive Board

Composition of the EB:

  • Six to twelve members, elected for 3 years (twice max), striving for demographic and geographical diversity
  • The EB will consist of at least: a president, vice-president (not from the same country as the president), secretary, treasurer, young investigator representative, and a webmaster
  • In this inaugural year for BMAS, a « Founders’ Executive Board », consisting of 8 members, has been established. These members will receive candidatures for election to the ‘definitive’ EB at the 2018 BMA meeting. Other candidates for this definitive EB are invited to apply by emailing the Secretary, as described here.

Missions of the EB:

  • To run the society
  • To propose meeting locations
  • To conduct the General Assembly (GA) at the annual BMA meetings
  • To designate the Scientific Board (SB)