About Us

The Bone Marrow Adiposity Society is an international society for researchers and clinicians working in the bone marrow adiposity field.

Motivation behind creating BMAS

An emerging field: 

Since 2015, several international societies specialized in various fields (bone, endocrinology, blood, imaging …) have organized sessions dedicated to BMA. Indeed, modifications of BMA are involved in various diseases (cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, anorexia nervosa, blood diseases, and others) and in other diverse circumstances (such as aging or caloric restriction).

Based on this broad relevance, there is a need for a holistic view on BMA that takes into account the various interactions within the bone marrow ecosystem. BMAS seeks to advance knowledge of BMA by facilitating interdisciplinary exchanges, developing research strategies and promoting the emergence new concepts, with the hope of improving understanding and treatment of the numerous diseases in which altered BMA is a common feature.