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About Us

The Bone Marrow Adiposity Society (BMAS) is the premier international resesarch society focusing on the role of bone marrow adipose tissue in health and disease

When & why did we establish the Bone Marrow Adiposity Society?

Bone Marrow Adiposity – An emerging field: 

During the last decade, a substantial amount of evidence has accumulated to show that bone marrow adipose tissue (BMAT) undergoes dynamic changes not only during ageing and caloric restriction, but also several metabolic and musculoskeletal diseases (diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, bone marrow cancer). While gaining increased attention from several research societies in dedicated sessions, a professional society focusing on bone marrow adipose tissue was lacking until 2017.

Realizing the need for a holistic view on the role and function of bone marrow adipose tissue, the international bone marrow adiposity society (BMAS) held its inaugural meeting in 2017.

We seek to advance knowledge of bone marrow adipose tissue by facilitating interdisciplinary exchanges, developing research strategies and promoting the emergening research field. 

Finally, we strive to unravel and target the cellular and molecular bone marrow adipose tissue changes underpinning several metabolic and musculoskeletal disorders.