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           BMAS is born !

As a highly multi-disciplinary group involved in Bone Marrow Adiposity Research, the birth of BMAS constitutes very exciting news.

The society was born on September 1st, 2017,  at the Constitutive Assembly held at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne during the 2017 BMA meeting.

BMAS allows us to address the bone marrow microenvironment in all its aspects.

BMAS is characterized by three fundamentals.

  1. An interdisciplinary approach that brings together fundamental and applied researchers from different fields,
  2. Cutting-edge science,  as confirmed by the many globally renowned invited lecturers, at the third  BMA meeting in Lausanne (BMA2017),
  3. Last but not least: a warm and stimulating atmosphere of collaboration and exchanges!

BMAS is a very young society. Let us build it together !