Data Repositories


Establish use of big data from data repositories related to BMA


  • Andre van Wijnen
  • Moustapha Kassem
  • Jeroen van de Peppel
  • Christophe Chauveau
  • Tim Schulz
  • Odile Broux
  • Actively recruiting members


The working group will identify currently existing repositories that contain expression data or otherwise related to BMA. These will be discussed with the aim to come up with a protocol/guideline on how to access and apply these data and who will have access to it. This will be sent around to the BMAS EB, SB and GA members for additional feedback. If approved, this guideline can be distributed among BMAS members to gain access to the repositories for their research.

Issues related to Data Repositories (to be completed by members):

  • Define what types of repositories are available and what other datasets would be of interest or become available soon
  • The intellectual property should be well described and protected for any unlawful use of the data. Use MTA agreement or related to guarantee proper use of the data.
  • Come up with a guideline on how to use the data in publications (if possible). Owners of repositories should inform the working group on the procedure hereof.
  • Other issues …..