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Members of the working group:

  1. Claire Edwards
  2. Gina Woods
  3. Dimitrios Karampinos
  4. Olaia Naveiras
  5. Annegreet Veldhuis-Vlug
  6. Greet Kerckhofs
  7. Nathalie Bravenboer
  8. Biagio Palmisano
  9. Antonella Poloni
  10. Francoise Pflumio
  11. Jeanine Prompers
  12. Eleni Douni
  13. Izabela Podgorski
  14. Kaiyan Liu
  15. Josefine Tratwal
  16. Sammy Badr
  17. Parastoo Boroumand
  18. Maria Jesús Moreno Aliaga
  19. Clifford Rosen
  20. Sarah Beck-Cormier
  21. Rossella Labella
  22. Eleni Douni
  23. Shanti Rojas-Sutterlin 


Establish use of standardized methodologies related to the assessment of BMA


The working group will identify currently used methodologies related to BMA. These will be discussed with the aim to come up with standardized protocols after which the working group writes a draft file, including the proposed methodologies that will be sent around to the BMAS EB, SB and GA members for additional feedback. If approved, the draft file can be finalized and published to guarantee future use of these methodologies globally.

Issues related to methodologies:

  • Methodologies to consider for discussion include cell culture, analysis methods, such as osmium staining, Marrow Quant, MRI etc.
  • Identify subject-related factors in the methodologies that may explain inter-laboratory variation (age, sex, strain, etc.)
  • Identify environment-related factors in the methodologies that may explain inter-laboratory variation (temperature, humidity, commonly used chemicals/compounds, etc.)

Update: Methodologies paper is now published!