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Announcements and meetings

  • Nominations are open for candidates to serve on the EB and SB.

Please send candidature letters to William Cawthorn, as described here.

  •  BMA2018, please see here.
  • ICE 2018 

The 18the International Congress of Endocrinology will be held in Cape Town in December 2018.

A session dedicated to BMA is planned, in partnership with BMAS 

  • CORS symposium 2017. 5-7 December 2017  Bone marrow fat and its importance for the skeleton. University of Gothenburg, Sweden

 Upcoming challenges synthesized by Cliff Rosen:

  • What is the earliest progenitor of the marrow adipocyte (s)?
  • Is there a true mutually exclusive shift between pre-OB and pre-adipo?
  • Does the marrow adipocyte beige and if so what local marrow sites have thermogenic capabilities?
  • Are there more than one type of marrow adipocyte, in respect to origin, morphology and function?
  • What is the mechanism of bone loss with MAT?
  • Are there ways to modify the endosteal niche in order to promote hematopoiesis?
  • What happens to other BMAT sites with ablation of one site?
  • Can we develop any in vivo methods to measure the function of BMAT- FDGlucose, fatty acid labeling, 2 photon microscopy
  • We need a good surrogate marker for BMAT
  • ? Sclerostin, others…..
  • The issue of marrow physical space- does the marrow geography limit the infiltration of marrow fat cells (e.g. PTH or romosozumab)
  • Isolation of individual adipocyte and/or its progenitor