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How to join:

All BMA 2018 attendees automatically became BMAS members (no fee for 2018-2019).

Non-attendees can join for annual fees (35 euros for 2020).


Renew : Membership for 2019-2020 will be renewed upon registration to BMA 2019 (the registration fee for non-members includes the 35 Euro membership fee).

Members benefit from a reduced registration fee for the annual BMA meetings.

Members meet annually at the General Assembly (GA) which is composed of all active members of the society. The regular GA is organized during the scientific BMA meeting. An exceptional GA may be decided upon by the president of the executive board, or on written request of at least 30 members, or a third of the members. The agenda must be sent to the members by email at least 15 days prior to the GA. Presence at the GA is required for voting (procurements/electronic vote may be approved by the GA at a later date, upon consolidation of the society)

Missions of the  GA: 

To elect the EB (members of the EB cannot be simultaneously be members of the SB)

To approve the minutes of the previous GA 

To validate the actions of the EB 

To approve the financial accounts 

To decide the location of the future BMA meetings 

5 reasons to become a member :

  • You get a reduced rate to register for BMA meetings
  • You can participate in Working Groups
  • You can participate in the teaching sessions
  • You increase the visibility of this scientific field
  • You can benefit from interactions in, and outside your field (grants applications, interlaboratory exchanges)