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History of the Society

International BMA meetings (2015). The first international BMA (Bone Marrow Adiposity) meeting was held in Lille, France in 2015, with the second meeting in August 2016 held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Both meetings were a success in that they for the first time brought together scientists and physicians from different backgrounds (bone metabolism, cancer, obesity and diabetes) to share ideas and advance the research and our understanding of the patho/physiological role of adipocytes in the bone marrow.

BoneAHeaD group (2015-16) (“BONE Adiposity in HEAlth and Diseases”). At the end of 2015 a first group was formed (BoneAHeaD group), funded by the French Research Agency, with the goal of building a European network and applying to international funding calls.

BMA Society (2017) was created during the third BMA meeting (BMA 2017) in Lausanne. To ensure a smooth start, it was decided to establish an interim Executive Board comprising members of the BoneAHEAD consortium. The EB is focused on organising the society, i.e.:

  1. To run the society
  2. To propose locations for the annual BMA meetings
  3. To coordinate the annual General Assembly (where members meet, typically at the BMA meeting)
  4. To designate the SB members

The composition of the Boards (Executive Board, Scientific board) will be completed by the end of 2017.