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Scientific Board

Composition of the SB :

  • Ten to fourteen members, striving for demographic & geographical diversity
  • Renewal of 1/3 of the SB members every 2 years (i.e. each member will serve 6 years; this will be shorter for some of the SB members elected in 2018)
  • It is recommended that the President of the Local Organizing Committee of the next BMA meeting(s) will be an SB member
. For example, the Presidents for BMA2018 (G. Penel, C. Chauveau) and BMA2019 (M. Kassem) are members of the current, inaugural SB.

Missions of the SB:

  • To score the abstracts of the meeting
  • To select oral communications
  • To select scientific prizes
  • To write (with aim to publish) a report of the meeting (in collaboration with the local organizing committee)
  • Any other scientific missions decided by the society